Friday, May 26, 2006

Invisibility Cloaks to Flying Cars

Looks like innovation is leaping forward again. Check this story out on ZDNet about how a group of researchers and scientists have taken a big leap forward towards creating invisible materials or cloaks that can make objects "invisible."

This has nothing to do with recruiting, business, or HR in the traditional sense. But whenever an innovation comes out that has the potential to change the dynamics of everyday life (or even industries), I have to give it some love.

You might be asking yourself, "what's next? Flying cars?"

Apparently, yes.


Canadian Headhunter said...

Phil, I've referenced your postings a couple of times, most recently with regard to the strategic recruiting of students.

Peter Altieri of has left a comment on my blog which relates the recruiting of young people to the latest social networking technology.

I'd welcome a comment from you. Or, if you prefer, you can comment on your own blog and I'll link to it.

Here is the link to Peter's note.

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