Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Want to Work in the Middle of Nowhere?

Here's a common plight of many organizations: trying to attract top quality talent to remote locations. It's one thing to convince someone who lives in New York City to move down to Atlanta. It's a completely different beast when you're trying to get someone to move from Los Angeles to...Skaneateles, New York.

If you work in an organization that "gets" it, even a move like this shouldn't be too daunting. Why? Because an organization that "gets" it will have many things going for it: remarkable products, an empowering culture that engages talent, and the lead in their industry (or a close second). All of these things can be summed up with the term "employer branding." With a strong employer brand, even the most remote places seem less intimidating for a good recruiter.

Here's a blog post by Bart Cleveland of Advertising Age (thanks goes out to Danny Palmer for forwarding this blog to me). It's an interesting look into someone's actual experience trying to recruit creatives into Albuquerque for a small agency that doesn't have the name...yet. THAT folks, is a pretty good challenge.

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