Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How NOT to Design...

Well this has nothing to do with what I normally write about, but once I saw this I had to comment on it...

So it's finally happened. Microsoft has decided that it wants a piece of the market that Apple and its iPod line has created.

No problem with that.

The thing is, I still can't figure out who's responsible for designing these products that Microsoft is pumping out. First there was the Xbox (a hideous looking black box). Then came the Xbox 360 (a curvier looking white box).

And now, the announcement of the product that's supposed to be the "iPod killer," the Argo. Please tell me this is just a mock up design and not the final version.

Because if this is the direction that Microsoft's going with this thing, I predict failure.

Part of the allure of the iPod is the experience people have begun to associate with it. The Argo? I don't feel any emotion when looking at this thing. My first reaction: "iPod wannabe."

Could this be the reason why MSN has yet to find the right formula against Google? Because it lacks the experiential factor? Put another way, these things are lacking in my mind because they have no "soul."

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