Friday, April 10, 2009

Video Production Internship

We happen to have an internship available at Hob Nob, so wanted to post about this real quick. We're looking for a video production guru who can work for us during this summer to help create inspirational videos to spread the Hob Nob message.

We're a bit idealistic, so it doesn't hurt if you're a "place a dent in the universe" type of person...we want to talk to you! ;)

Some of the things you can expect to work on throughout the course of this internship are:
  • Film and edit interviews with highly successful individuals in the Atlanta professional community
  • Film and edit viral videos to promote Hob Nob's brand and services
  • Help create storyboards for video shorts
  • Create a web strategy to spread the content that you help create
You can read more here.

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